Monday, July 7, 2008

L is for Loser...

Yeah, go ahead and call me a loser. I left my career 10 and a half months ago to embark on bigger and better things.... and apparently I also left my blog behind. For those of you who have me on a feed, you are going to think something has gone horribly wrong when you see an update from my blog. I can assure that nobody has hacked my account. It is I.

Recently, I have thought about my blog and how I left it behind when I left the "old me" behind... how I should update my blog. Funny. When I had an office job, I had far more time for blogging. I am sure my old boss wouldn't appreciate that tidbit, though. Now I am just a mom. A busy mom. But I will try. Or, as I would say to my oldest, "There is no try. There is only do or do not."

Gee, thanks, Yoda.


As for journeys and flowers.... this year has turned out nothing like I thought.

It's been a rough year, yet I wouldn't change it for the world. I am happier now than at any point I can remember.

Smelling the flowers, I am. Taking the journey one step at a time...

Welcome back, friends.