Friday, July 27, 2007

Not this fancy?

September will mark our 14th anniversary. I realize it isn't September yet, but I just have to share this story...

Very soon the family will pile into my little red car and head across this great state for a mini-vacation in San Antonio. Ours will be a hotel-based vacation. We will enjoy the cable television and maybe order a pizza... go swimming, etc. None of the "touristy" things. We visit San Antonio a lot. We've 'been there and done that". This is just an opportunity to get away and spend some time together.... We will meetup with one of my good friends, Megan, and her delightful daughter. Maybe go to the zoo. If it isn't raining. Nothing spectacular....

I was making hotel reservations a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that I am cheap. Real cheap. So I go looking for a place for us to stay - in the $60-80 range. Not super-cheap, since I also like to stay safe.... but not the Radisson, either. I casually mention to my better half the types of deals I have found and he is silent. What gives? He thinks we should stay someplace nicer, more expensive. Hmmm. Really? Is this the same man that I married?

Let me give you some insight into my bewilderment....
San Antonio also happens to be the same place we went for our honeymoon those many years ago - yes, my husband is not fond of airplanes, so our destination had to be within driving distance.... but I digress...14 years ago we stayed at the RiverWalk Marriott hotel in downtown San Antonio. I want to say it cost $110 per night - including a wonderful breakfast and I distinctly remember this conversation:

Him: I hope you don't expect that every time we rent a hotel room it will be this fancy (read, expensive)
Me: No, dear. I have always stated in Best Westerns and Super 8's... this is a special occasion....
Him: OK. Just wanted to get that out.
Me: Yes, dear.

Where are we staying, you ask? The Marriott, but on the north side of town. $125 and change per night - plus tax which is now at a whopping 17ish percent. Continental breakfast, I believe. This isn't even exactly what he wanted. It was on the LOW end of the scale. If you could see me, you would notice I am rolling my eyes. Nice outdoor pool. Hmmm. That could be a problem. It has been raining here for almost 2 months with very little break... So, I also reserved a room at the Hilton, which has an indoor pool. Just in case. Yeah, that one is running right at $130 per night.... But the kids would NOT appreciate going on vacation and not having a pool to swim in. Depending on how the weather looks in the days before we leave, I will make my decision and cancel one of the reservations.

Not this fancy, indeed


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh AMANDA! I had not even thought about what if it rains next weekend. EEK! It has been raining since the beginning of June, you would think I would have entertained the thought.

I will be watching the forecasts like a crazy woman (not that they are worth much!).

Hope either choice you make is good and fancy - ya'll deserve the treat!

Corey~living and loving said...

I hope you and your family have a great time. I am soooooooo on the cheap...you know me. But I agree that safety is important also. :) Looks like you will have a super nice time though.
I'll send "no rain" thoughts your way. :)

Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

We stay at similar places. But, I've found that Priceline is my friend. We've been staying at the Westin and other places for around $60 per night! I love it! You definitely have to know how to play their system, though. I do a search for just the regular price first and see what hotels qualify for 4 star. If they are ALL acceptable, then I place a bid. If they aren't then I narrow down the location considerably until I can practically KNOW what hotel they will choose. I've had really good luck this way. Works for rental cars too!

Have a great time!

Laura said...

Sounds like a great time!!! I hope the weather cooperates and whichever hotel you choose helps make the weekend a blast! Oh, and I second Lori's Priceline recommendation, and Hotwire too!

Amanda said...

Oh, Lori and Laura! I so wish I could let go of my control and let the website pick for me!
It terrifies me!