Friday, September 26, 2008

Disaster Relief

Certainly you've seen the Red Cross trucks on television. You know - the ones that come in after a huge disaster and help feed people and provide assistance. It wasn't until I was standing next to one that the enormity of our situation hit me. Like a ton of bricks. WE were the people they show on television. With the sad, dirty faces. I hadn't worn makeup in days, but fortunately we still had running water and could shower...

I received an email from the mayor of a neighboring community asking if my Girl Scouts could be of assistance in assisting the Red Cross Disaster Relief trucks in handing out hot meals to people in the community. What an object lesson for my 2nd-4th graders. An even bigger lesson for my teenage son.

We spent 3 hours handing out Ravioli, green beans, fruit cocktail and water bottles to those who drove by our location. But it was reading the words printed on the sides of the trucks - "American Red Cross Disaster Relief" that struck me as surreal. We were indeed in the middle of a disaster.

Me and my girls!

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