Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please bear with me...

For those who know me, this is no surprise. I live on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, which took a direct hit from Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008. As I have been dealing with the aftermath of this huge storm, I have had many things running through my head - things I want to remember, to share, to not lose... so I decided my poor forgotten blog was the best way to do that. Those who want to read about my experiences can come see and I can always come back and remember.

Please bear with me. If you do not know what a hurricane is or the damage it can do, you might learn a little. Hurricane Ike hit the Texas Coast as a Category 2 storm although the damage it created more resembled a Category 4 storm. The hurricane force winds spread for 200+ miles from the center of the storm. For those who do not know about hurricanes, this is huge. Normally the hurricane bands are wrapped tightly around the center "eye" of the storm and only extend 50-75 miles out. This one characteristic is the cause of most of the devastation Ike left behind. It caused large storm surges and spanned much larger areas than expected. I have a lot to share. For you, and for myself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.... so much has happened...

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