Tuesday, August 7, 2007

F is for Flowers

I like flowers. Cut flowers. Wild flowers. Flowers in a vase. Flowers in a pot. I like flowers. I am also frugal (meaning really, really cheap, but frugal is an 'f' word) so I don't really like getting big bouquets of florist-flowers. The $5 bouquet at the grocery will do just fine. I like to cut the stems and place them in a pretty vase on my kitchen bar. They make me happy and brighten my kitchen for a week... until it is time to return to the grocery for more food... and for flowers.

I also like to take a drive through the Texas Hill Country in the spring when the wildflowers are all abloom. The sight of a hill of bluebonnets makes me swoon. All too soon they are gone, replaced by prairie grass in the stifling Texas heat. But they will be back again. Next spring. And I will get to enjoy their beauty once again.

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Corey~living and loving said...

AMANDA! Where have you been hiding this love of Flowers! I had no idea! tee hee just kidding. I am feeling sassy tonight. :)
oh and the Fugal(cheap)Corey can't get expensive flowers either. In fact I can hardly get the cheapy ones either. LOL