Saturday, August 11, 2007

K is for Kindling

Kindling - the act of setting something on fire
firing, ignition, inflammation, lighting
burning, combustion - the act of burning something;

I received a phone call last weekend from my oldest. "Grandma's car is on fire!"
My heart skipped a beat - probably more than one...

"Is everyone OK" I asked.
"Yeah - but my BACKPACK!..."

Things can be replaced. People cannot. My mother-in-law's SUV is totalled, but most everything in it - including the people - made it out OK... I picked up the stranded motorists - it just so happens they weren't far from our house when it happened... and delivered them safely to Grandma's house...

The backpack? A weekend of soaking in OxyClean removed the smoke and the smell.

Sigh. Just a little kindling....


Ingrid said...

OMG, Amanda! What happened? A crash, a malfunction? Were your kids with her when it happened?

Thank goodness nobody got hurt. How scary.

Amanda said...

Not sure what happened. Josh and Dave's cousin, Robbie, were with her.

Very scary.